Sunday, June 23, 2013

Why Game of Thrones isn't just for fantasy-buffs...

The Home Box Office (HBO) television show, Game of Thrones, premiered in April of 2011. It is based on the fantasy novel series, A Song of Ice And Fire. As much as a following as the show has, there are still a number of people skeptical about either watching or reading the series because of it's 'fantasy' label. However, Game of Thrones has much more in store...

 The Soundtrack
 Almost all of the music in the show is instrumental. Most people upon hearing this will associate the score with classical music, but this is not the case. Even people who do not like the sound of classical music can not deny the power that the show's theme song has.

While there is much despair and hardship throughout the series, is does not mean it is absent of love.  Daenerys Targaryen is sold by her brother to a barbaric King, who she in time turns to love even more then life itself (left). Robb Stark agrees to marry a powerful lord's daughter in turn for aid in the war he is fighting, but because he is in love with one of the nurses that helps wounded soldiers on the battlefield, breaks his agreement and follows his heart.

As much as a soft side Game of Thrones has, what would the show be with out a little bloodshed? Since the war began for the Iron Throne, many scenes of the show have been filled with fighting, swordsmanship and full blown war. This video is from the Battle of Blackwater:

The Fantasy Does Not Overpower The Show
Many people assume that this show is a hundred and one percent based on fantasy. While the land of Westeros and rest of the settings for the show are fictional, the problems and issues the characters face in the show are somewhat realistic. For instance, the war in which several different people and their armies are fighting to rule. Daenerys is deemed the 'mother of dragons' because she brought the extinct dragons back to life. While this is complete fantasy, this part of the story line is not based all around the actions of the dragons. Rather, how Daenerys uses them in order to gain power so that she can have the throne for herself.


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